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Flooring for Susan Denise

One of the main ideas behind this blog is that I wanted to help people choose things for their home.  I enjoy choice, but I realise a lot of people find it difficult, frustrating and/or bewildering.  I would love to be a professional chooser – is that even a job?

So Sue’s floor the brief was to help her select new floor for her bathroom that was not tile (too slippy), nothing wood look, had to match the existing blue theme and not break the bank.  Sue also didn’t want a big pattern or anything too dark that would make the room look too small.

Normally I would have recommended Amtico, Karndean or Polyfloor straight away, but the looks they do best are mainly wooden, stone and some ceramic effects – not the look Sue was going for.

Then I remembered one of my favourite flooring companies that I’ve not had a chance to use (yet).  Harvey Maria – the do encaustic tile designs in vinyl squares that are in the zone of affordability.  While Sue agreed they were gorgeous the scale of the pattern was just too big.  Although the polka dots were a contender.

However, in the end the winner was Zazous  they do gorgeous funky vinyl with both a retro and a Moroccan line.  That’s two of my post favourite things in one place.

Sue’s has gone for blue rose des vents, I’m trying to get her to get the clogs too!

Sue’s floor

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